Web Developer Bali is a company and experts in Bali who are responsible for: Designing, developing and modifying websites, analyzing user requirements for the implementation of content, graphics, work features, and capacities on a website.

How to find the best web developer bali for you, There are many web developer companies in Bali, each company will provide the best service according to the characteristics of each web developer bali company.

To get clients, the Web developer bali company will carry out promotions to be able to meet face-to-face with new potential customers and to keep old customers loyal.

How to find the most suitable Web developer bali to make a good website, create a website that brings in a lot of product sales, easy, cheap to maintain and easy, cheap to develop.

The method is as follows:

  1. Find a web developer bali first, you can go through Google.
  2. You can find Balinese web developers, on Google Maps, usually 3 names of Balinese web developers appear on page 1 of Google from the Google Maps group.
  3. You can find bali web developers, from page 1 to page n outside of the Bali Google Maps web developer group and outside the Web developer bali group who are advertising on Google Ads.
  4. You can also click this link to go to the Web developer bali that is right for you.

After finding a web developer Bali, compare the services, prices, facilities, guarantees and advantages of what the Bali web developers can offer. After that you can decide which web developer Bali is suitable for your needs.

Once you have chosen a web developer bali then, it is important for you to read the information below.


Types of Web Developer Bali

Unfortunately, the question "What do web developers do?", does not have a simple answer. There are several types of Balinese web developers. Each one focuses on a different aspect to building a perfect website.

To understand what a web developer bali is, it is very important to know the three main types of developers, namely front-end, back-end, and full-stack developers.

Front-end developers are responsible for the parts of a website that people see and interact with, back-end developers are responsible for the code behind the scenes, which controls how the website loads and runs, and full-stack developers do everything.


Front-End Web Developer Bali

A front-end developer, is someone who does the design of the client's website or part of the design team and writes the necessary code. Which then, implement it on the web. A good front-end web developer, will be fluent in at least three programming languages, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

HTML allows the developers to add content to websites, turning it into headings, paragraphs, and tables. CSS allows developers to shape content, and set things, like colors, sizes, and borders. JavaScript allows the inclusion of interactive elements, such as click buttons.

What do Balinese web developers do, when they work on the Front-End of a website?

  1. 100% customizable and accommodates 3rd party integrations
  2. It is the responsibility of the Web developer bali to ensure that, all the content needed for the website, is clearly visible and understandable to the user, and is placed in the right places. In some cases, front-end web developers, also have writing skills, which enable them, to create content on websites.
  3. Ensure that, the right color is in the right place, especially regarding text color, background color, and header. Some of the best front-end developers, are also excellent designers. This allows them to apply various needs visually.
  4. Ensure that, all outgoing links are properly formatted, that all buttons function properly, and that, the website is responsive and attractive. Mobile design, is usually an important part of the job, meanwhile, it is also important to make sure that, the website will display properly in all web browsers.


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Back-End Web Developer Bali

While it may seem like a front-end developer, it's a tough job. Jobs like ensuring that a website looks great, works well, and contains the right content. Back-end web developers also have their own level of complexity.

While front-end developers are responsible for the client-side programming, back-end developers have to deal with the server-side programming.

This means, they must create the code and programs that give functionality; on website servers, databases, and any applications on them. Most importantly, on the back-end, is the ability to be able to code cleanly and efficiently.

Do what you want, in the fastest way possible. Because, website speed is the main consideration in terms of optimization. Like the efforts of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This is a big factor when it comes to being a back-end web developer.

To fully explain what a web developer is, it's important to know that, back-end developers use multiple server-side languages. Create complex programs. Some of the most popular languages are used, including PHP, Python, Java, and Ruby. JavaScript is also becoming increasingly widespread, as a back-end development language, while SQL is generally used to manage and analyze data in website databases.

Because, different websites, have different needs. Back-end developers, need to be flexible, able to create different programs. And they really need to have a clear, deep understanding of the programming language they use. This is very important, to ensure that, they can find the most efficient method, to create the required program. While ensuring that it is safe, scalable and easy to maintain.


Full-Stack Web Developer Bali

If you are looking for quick and simple answers, to a question; "What is a web developer?", then 'full-stack', is probably the closest thing you will get.

Full-stack web developer, understands the front and back strategies and processes of a website.

This means that, the full-stack web developer, is fully positioned, supervise, and work on the whole process for the website to function perfectly. Thus, achieving the goal of making the website itself.

In the case of a small website, which does not have a big development budget, then Full Stack development is a good choice to employ, for building the entire website, Including future management.

In this case, it is very important for full-stack web developer to have a complete and deep understanding about the front-end and back-end, for the needs of the website.


Developed Website Bali

Once the website is done and it works perfectly, it doesn't mean that the job is done. Website needs maintenance such as update following market trends and strategies to reach goals. And this, is still part of the tasks of a full-stack web developer.

With advances in technology, creating a website is now so easy. Even with just a few clicks, the website can be ready and appear online on the internet.

Back-end and front-end work, have now been made easy with various applications. This allows, anyone to even create a website. And make it online.

Web hosting service providers, have a complete package services, such as control panel systems and CMS-based applications to implement the application of the website. On the other hand, widgets/plugins to manage website layout have been facilitated by the presence of a pagebuilder.

However, the web development work did not end there. It takes strategies, ideas, and the right steps, to make a website easy to find on search engines. Not to mention, about the marketing system. And so forth.

For solutions to get a quality Web developer bali and achieve your goals, please contact us at:

PT Bali Gatra Komunikasi
Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai 8x Pesanggaran Denpasar 80222 Bali Indonesia.
Phone: +62-361-728346
Website: baligatra.com
Email: contact@baligatra.com


Bali Gatra is a Web Development Company in Indonesia based in Bali, a professional website design and web development company that provides a wide range of web services including high-end website development, custom web programming from simple web pages to complex solutions, e-commerce solutions, CMS (Content Management System) and search engine friendly website design.

Bali Gatra aims to build long term customer relationships based on trust and commitment to produce the best website design and web development.

We understand that our success depends on our clients - that's why the success of your business is our top priority. And whatever the project, we'll keep working on it until you're completely satisfied.


Bali Gatra web design

Bali Gatra's Web design expertise extends across many industries. The Bali Gatra Web design team has developed for hotels, villas, resorts, retailers, manufacturers, service companies, medical facilities, government entities, non-profit organizations and more. We have a large staff of Web designers, each with their own unique ability to create intuitive and graphically appealing Web site designs that will effectively communicate your marketing message.

Web development company Bali Gatra is also experienced in user interface design, motion graphics, Custom Application development, and more. Web Design & Development Services. Bali Gatra helps companies increase profits & grow online.


Bali Gatra Custom Web App

This app uses interactive technology like php, code igniter, etc. to provide users with a highly interactive experience and user interface.

The Custom Web Application also transfers the processing required for the user interface to the user's computer while maintaining data processing on the Web application server. The user's computer and the Web application server communicate in real time, meaning data can be processed faster and more smoothly without the stop-and-click setup of most Web applications.

We have created several custom Web Applications for various industry verticals. Custom Web Apps range from standalone components such as real-time stock tickers to complex integrated systems such as online hotel reservation applications.


Bali Gatra E-commerce Website Development

Ecommerce sites to increase functionality, enhance user experience and take advantage of top selling opportunities.

Bali Gatra does this by designing a conversion-oriented site that is easy to navigate. Bali Gatra makes them look good. Because, in e-commerce, first impressions are very important.


For solutions to get a quality Web developer bali and achieve your goals, please  contact us at:

PT Bali Gatra Komunikasi
Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai 8x Pesanggaran Denpasar 80222 Bali Indonesia.
Phone: +62-361-728346
Website: baligatra.com
Email: contact@baligatra.com


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