Bali web design is a company and experts in Bali who are responsible for creating graphic forms for web pages.

Before you start choosing Bali Web Design services, it is very important for you to read the article below so that you don't choose the wrong company or expert in designing your website, we will also provide company information and expertise for Bali Web Design.

Bali web design must produce a good website for its customers, some of the indicators of a good web design are website page designs that are pleasing to the eye, writing is comfortable to read. Then it will make visitors feel at home for long on the website page. and finally visitors understand the content and generate interest in following up on the content.

This is where Bali web design comes into play. To create a good website, we need to understand how to make a web design. Web design consists of graphics, or digital animation and can take any form that can support or beautify your website. Of course the web design must also be user friendly. Because you certainly don't want users to mess around with complicated designs and don't know where to look for information.

Creating a web design, in principle, is almost the same as building your own house.

There are many Bali Web Design Expert Companies, one of them is us.

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Ok, please continue reading this informative information so you can understand how good web design is.

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Web Design Functions

Web design certainly has functions that underlie its development. These functions are what underlying the appearance of a web so that it can serve and provide the content desired by website visitors because back to the beginning, web design is graphic art that is intended to make it easier for visitors to use the functional web. The functions of web design include:

  1. Information Function
  2. Communication Function
  3. Transaction Function
  4. Entertainment function

The explanation of each function is as follows:

1. Information function

Information is the main thing in a web. Creating a web design that emphasizes information on a website is a must-have on every website. Providing graphics or pictures that support the information presented also needs to be given in order to give a positive impression to website visitors so that visitors get an idea of ​​what you present on a website.

2. Communication function

A dynamic web must fulfill the communication function. A dynamic website must be able to serve as a server for website visitors. Like a waiter, the web must be able to provide communication that is easily understood by visitors.

This is where the task of web design is to provide easy-to-understand communication. An example is how a web design can convey to visitors to fill out a form easily.

3. Transaction function

For service websites and goods providers, they definitely need a transaction function on their website to make it easier for visitors or consumers to buy the products or services offered. Web design is expected to help make it easier to carry out functional transactions on a web from the selection of goods, types of payments, proof of payment, to the estimated time of arrival of the goods or services purchased.

For example, a web is designed in such a way as to display an order processing page after a visitor or consumer completes the checkout process. Or display the price crossed out as the price before the discount and the price in a slightly bold font as the price after the discount on the payment page.

4. Entertainment function

A monotonous web appearance will certainly make visitors bored with your website. This is where the function of web design takes place. Because web design is graphic art on a website, then a web design must provide a sense of comfort when visitors  visit the web. One of them is providing entertainment design to visitors.

Entertainment in question is entertainment that is still in the context of the web that was created. Such as providing animations related to the website, providing image sliders on the website, animations when loading the web, dynamic backgrounds, and so on and if there is multimedia that supports your website it can also be provided on the web but keep in mind that the size of the multimedia file is not too large so it doesn't take long to load the web.

This is so that visitors do not see a monotonous web display continuously so that visitors do not feel bored.

Web Design Elements

If likened, web design is fashion or clothing from a web. Of course in the fashion there are elements that beautify the appearance. As with web design, there are elements that are useful for beautifying a website.

Because a web design is similar to fashion in the modeling world, of course the design of a web is also influenced by the development of the times. Starting from a monotonous display until now with an interactive display that presents an attractive user interface. The following are the elements that should be incorporated into web design, including:

  1. White Space
  2. Layout
  3. Navigation
  4. Fonts
  5. Color
  6. Search Bar
  7. Call to Action
  8. About Me/Us Pages and Contact Us Pages
  9. Informative Footer
  10. Media Quality

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The explanation of each of the above elements is as follows:

1. White Space

White space referred to in web design is the placement of space or the distance between one information and another. White space is useful for making visitors' eyes able to organize the information or data they see and send it to the brain for easy understanding. Because actually everyone will be easier to digest information if given a pause or limit on the information received.

White space is also important to create a focal point for the visitor's eye. Images, graphics, videos, and text will look bigger and make visitors think that the information provided by white space is more important than being crammed into one place with smaller white space.

For example, when we visit a website for buying and selling an item. Where on the website the white space in the "product details" section is greater than the white space in the "related products" section. This reinforces and sends a signal to the brain that the information on the product details is more important than the related product parts.

White space is also used to provide space between objects on the website so as to emphasize the existence of these objects. In providing white space, it is necessary to pay attention to balance. Do not let the white space even damage the existing web design.

2. Layout

A good website certainly pays attention to the layout of its web components. A good layout will make it easier for visitors to read the content or information from your website.

Balance in the layout is also important. Giving a place or a smaller grid on the main information that is considered important is not appropriate. The layout is usually adjusted according to how important the information is.

In the arrangement of the layout, it is also necessary to pay attention to the flow of reading from visitors. In Indonesia, the writing procedure is from left to right, so the flow of information is of course from top - left - right - bottom. Usually the main information is placed in the top left column under the header.

The layout as above can be adjusted according to the information presented and the target country of origin of the visitor.

Navigation on a website is a must. Navigation is useful so that visitors can easily find the information they want. Navigation is not complicated. As long as it's easy to use and understandable by visitors, that's enough. But of course, the navigation must contain the important things that the user wants to see.

Using dropdown menus is a solution to summarize navigation menus according to their categories so that they don't look complicated and spoil the web design. In web design, navigation menus are made as concise as possible.

For parallax type websites, they will usually use scroll up navigation buttons to make it easier for users to return to the beginning of your website. This also reduces the time required by users to scroll up which will certainly be a bit of a hassle for visitors. And the function of the scroll up button can also make visitors feel at home browsing the website.

For websites that are not of the parallax type, usually website navigation is made sticky. This is necessary so that visitors do not need to scroll up to find the navigation menu on the website.

4. Fonts

The right font will provide a better delivery of information to visitors. In designing a website, choosing a font for the web is different from choosing a font for print media or brochures. On the web, the visitor's eyes will stare at the computer screen or gadget so that it will make the eyes tired more quickly. Therefore, choosing a good and easy-to-read font will speed up the delivery of information presented to visitors.

The characters in each font also need to be considered. Character selection is usually adjusted to the theme of a website, be it casual, masculine, feminine, or casual.

Readability or ease of reading a font also affects the delivery of information presented. The easier a font is to read, the easier the information can be understood by visitors.

Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of font classifications on the web, namely Serif, Sans Serif, Script, and Decorative. Sans Serif typefaces are usually used for the main information on your website to make it easier to read. It is not recommended to use decorative or script type fonts as the main font in conveying the information presented.

The size of the font used also needs to be adjusted. Larger font sizes usually contain more emphasized information. For example, the font for the information title must be larger than the description font size. Likewise with the pieces of information that need to be emphasized, such as the price of goods or the number of goods.

5. Color

A fashion will not be interesting without the color attached to the fashion. Likewise with the web design of a website. Choosing the right color according to the website's theme will attract more interest from consumers to use services or buy goods sold on a website.

Determination of color should not be arbitrary. Each color has its own effect. If the website that you create is a website that is engaged in data processing or a consultant, blue is the right choice because it can psychologically affect consumers so that consumers feel safe and trusted.

However, if its use is applied to a website that is engaged in the culinary field, then it will look less suitable. This is because the blue color also gives the impression of cold and is also synonymous with poison in food. And natural ingredients used in the culinary industry are usually rarely blue.

Adjustment of the color combination applied to a website must also be right. For example, if the website that is designed has a dominant color of light gray, then use a darker color for fonts or web parts that are useful for conveying information. Use dark colors such as dim gray, gray, or other dark colors that match the dominant color of the website.

The dominant color on the website must match the web theme and the color combination you want to combine. Do not force mixing colors that do not match, for example when a website uses a light blue background color and then your article is red. This will create an untidy and careless impression on the website.

In designing a web, it is necessary to avoid using primary colors as a web background. In web design, usually for the background, gradations of primary colors are used. There are thousands of color gradations to choose from as a background.

When visitors have difficulty finding the information they are looking for, the search bar will be an option to use. With the search bar, the keywords from the information you want to search for can be found easily.

Every good website must have a search bar to help website visitors find the information they want. In the layout design, it is usually placed close to the navigation menu.

Why is that? Because visitors to a website will always see the web navigation when they want to find the information they want. It was only when with the navigation menu they were still having trouble finding the information they wanted that they chose to use the search bar.

In its layout, the search bar should be easy to find. The box on the search bar must also have a rather large size so that you can easily type the keywords you want to search for. The search button on the search bar to start a search should also be provided to instruct the start of a search based on the given keyword.

7. Call to Action

The main page of a web is the main gateway to get to the information contained on the web. Therefore a website requires a call to action. In its use, the call to action must have a clear purpose where web visitors will be directed.

Avoid presenting a pop up on a component with a call to action element unless the action requires consent from the visitor. With the pop-up, it will reduce the convenience in the web design that is represented. Even a good call to action command will directly refer to the targeted page or website through the currently opened tab or open a new tab, not by opening a new window from the browser application.

8. About Me/Us Pages and Contact Us Pages

This page is a very important and mandatory page on a website. If a website visitor wants to ask something that is not listed on the website or asks about things beyond the control of the website, the visitor will definitely open this page.

The About me/us page contains information about the company/person who owns the website. Usually contains an address, phone number, and email where you can be contacted. On this page there is also a description of the company/individual that owns the website. This page is a description of the company/individual that owns the website.

While the Contact Us page is a page that is used to make it easier for visitors to contact the website owner. This page usually contains forms that are used to ask questions such as name, email, message, and so on. It also contains addresses, phone numbers, emails, and others related to the website owner.

An informative footer is a footer that displays supporting information briefly without disturbing the existing design. Because the footer is located at the bottom of a website so it will not hinder the design of a website.

The informative footer usually contains a sitemap, a brief description of the web owner, or the contact of the web owner. That way it will make it easy for visitors to get the information after reading the information they want.

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10. Media Quality

To support the information contained on the web, of course, it requires media that can demonstrate the information. However, there are things that need to be considered when inserting the desired media into the website.

A media is said to be able to support information on a website when it has good quality. However, the better the quality of a media, the larger the size of the media. This of course will affect the loading time of the website which if it is too long, will make visitors bored and leave the website.

Therefore, in web design, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality and size of the media that will be used. There needs to be a balance between the size and quality of the media. In addition, the media used must also be free of watermarks and have received permission to use on the website.

Web Design Goals

The purpose of web design is as an electronic document in the delivery of information to visitors or consumers with an interactive display in web form.

Web design also plays a role in delivering information to visitors or consumers so that it is easy to understand so that visitors feel like they are seeing an explanation from a waiter, not a web page.


Web design is a graphic art that covers how information on a website is displayed. In its use, web design must pay attention to aspects of its functionality including the communication function, information function, entertainment function, and transaction function.

Like a fashion in the world of modeling, web design also has its constituent elements so that the information displayed looks more interactive and makes it comfortable to be accessed and viewed by visitors to a website.

The purpose of web design is none other than as an electronic document in conveying information to visitors or consumers to make it as easy as possible to understand in an interactive visual form that is comfortable to view in a web form.

There are many Bali Web Design Expert Companies, one of them is us.

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