Online Web Consulting & Strategy

We help clients innovate, differentiate, and measure success.

Our core strength is our strategic online web consulting. Bali Gatra has the knowledge, experience and tools to help your company bridge the gap between technology and marketing and develop an effective Web Strategy.

Piecemeal web tactics will only take you so far. Are you ready for Web consultant to develop a long term, accountable Web strategy for your company?

Strategy Development

In the past, organizations would sometimes leap into the Web without much forethought or planning. Those days are over. Now more than ever, developing a successful online solution demands a thorough and well-conceived strategy. Bali Gatra can work with you to:

- Identify key audiences and audience tasks
- Define the goals, features and functionality of your site
- Plan the user experience
- Compare your site to similar sites to make sure it is unique
- Develop a site promotion plan
- Implement appropriate metrics to measure the effectiveness of your site