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Online Reservation System for Hotel, Villa or Travel Agent

Bali Gatra online hotel reservation software systems are designed for any hotel, villa or travel websites, hotel villa online reservation system is online booking software system provides a proven cost-effective and simple design web hotel booking for internet real-time reservation system.

There is NO third party involvement
You collect all guest payments, control room rates and allocations into the Hotel Villa Online Reservation system. You can update all data on the Internet, 24 hours a day, adding special offers for last minute availability.

"Hotel Villa Online Reservation System - a cost-effective solution - simple design web application hotel booking"

Hotel Villa Online Reservation optimizes the potential of your website
When surfing the Internet for hotel rooms, potential guests are looking for hotels that offer the speed and convenience of a one-stop availability check, instant purchase and confirmation. Hotel Villa Online Reservation System enables guests visiting your website to confirm their rooms in 'real-time'. You close the sale immediately, without having to bother with time-consuming emails and faxes between guests and your reservations staff.

Hotel Villa Online Reservation System saves valuable time, and cuts costs
'Real-time' availability checks and instant confirmations eliminate email exchanges between guests and your reservations department.

Update rates and rooms information on your website
With Hotel Villa Online Reservation System you no longer have to ask your website designer to update rooms and other data. You can quickly and easily update information yourself using Hotel Villa Online Reservation Allotment Manager feature.

Hotel Villa Online Reservation System is reliable and efficient
Guests find the Room on Hotel website with Reservation Online system, easy-to-use, with uncluttered screens and prompts- booking a room is a simple three step process. Reservations staff love the auto-generated emails each time a guest makes a reservation on the system. Rooms can easily be returned to the system if bookings are cancelled. Owners and managers appreciate the ease with which rates can be changed, special offers applied, and reports generated.

Stay ahead of your competitors
With the growing trend towards Internet-based sales across the industry, online hotel sales from travel websites are increasing dramatically. Hotel Villa Online Reservation ensures that your hotel is at the forefront of this exiting sales trend.

Increased profits
Estimated fees on reservations booked via a GDS and other systems, can be as high as 20% (including transaction fees and commissions). With the stand alone versions of Hotel Villa Online Reservation System there are no commissions and no monthly fees.

Hotel Villa Online Reservation System is an easy to use, full featured development environment all types of online reservations. Its principal features are:

- Reservations can be supported by credit card or just sent by email. Booking details can be recorded on the server and emailed direct to you.

- View reports and sales analysis figures using a web browser or download data into a spreadsheet.

- Update room availability, prices and other information over the Internet.
You can:

Specify up to 16 different seasons with different room rates for each season. You can also specify different rates during each week;

Specify up to 99 different room types (there is no limit on the number of rooms for each room type);

Charge per room;

Specify minimum & maximum number of occupants (adults and/or children) per room;

Specify minimum & maximum number of nights that can be booked;

Specify lead time for bookings;

Specify dates when rooms cannot be booked;

Specify an overbooking allowance for each room type;

Specify a fixed amount and/or percentage charge that can be added to or deducted from the booking total;

Add tax to the total cost of the bookings;

Check room availability and automatically update reservation table as rooms are booked;

You can view, print or import this data into a database;

- Built-in connectivity to your own secure server or third party secure payment gateways .

- Hotel Villa Online Reservation loads itself into the visitors browser so works much faster than systems that constantly pass data back and forth over the Internet.
Does not use cookies to store data.

- Programs that handle reservation processing, auto-response emails, real time update of room availability, reporting and sales analysis, editing or room rates and seasons etc.

- Customised credit card data entry forms, email messages, thank you pages for use with Payment Gateways .

- Includes data file creator and editor and remote update facility.