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What is a mobile app services ?

It is a service for making application programs for use on mobile. Application programs are made to complete certain goals, for example for business transactions, simplifying work, and so on.


Before you choose mobile app services , please first understand the information below so that you can decide well for your mobile application needs.

Table of contents :

1. Advantages and disadvantages of mobile apps.

2. The difference between the mobile web (Mobile Web) and mobile applications (Mobile Apps).

3. Conclusion.


1. Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Applications in the Business World.

In this internet era, mobile applications such as iOS and Android are not only used by big brands/businesses. More and more small and medium businesses are now following the development of mobile phone trends by understanding that a mobile strategy is not just a mobile friendly website, but more than that. For example, interacting with their customers through a mobile application designed especially for themselves.