The main page of the website that provides an overview of the hotel/villa, showcasing beautiful scenery, and inviting visitors to explore further.

Photo Gallery:

Displays high-quality images of rooms, facilities, food, and views available at the hotel/villa.


A page detailing the types of rooms or villas available, along with amenities, pricing, and a brief description.

Online Booking:

An online booking feature that allows visitors to select check-in dates, number of guests, room type desired, and proceed to the payment process.

Facilities and Services:

A page presenting a list of facilities and services offered by the hotel/villa, such as restaurants, swimming pools, spas, water sports, and more.

Dining and Cuisine:

Information about the on-site restaurant and dining options, possibly including menus and details about special culinary events.

Location and Attractions:

A map showing the hotel/villa's location and information about nearby attractions or points of interest.

Activities and Recreation:

Descriptions of activities and recreational options available to guests, such as snorkeling, hiking, or cultural tours.

Promotions and Offers:

Information about special offers, holiday packages, and discount promotions currently available.

Testimonials and Reviews:

Reviews or testimonials from previous guests that can provide confidence to potential visitors.

Blog or Articles:

Informative or inspirational content related to the destination or travel tips.

About Us:

A page that provides background, values, and the story behind the hotel/villa.


Complete contact information, including address, phone number, and a contact form for inquiries or reservations.

Reservation and Status:

A feature allowing guests to view their reservation status or make changes to details.

Social Media:

Links to the hotel/villa's social media pages for visitors who want to stay connected.

Partnerships and Events:

Information about special events, weddings, or business meetings that can be hosted at the hotel/villa.