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bali web design development services
bali web design development services
bali web design development services
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Web Application and Programming Services

Custom Web Application
These applications utilize interactive technologies such as ASP, .NETto provide the user with a highly interactive experience and a user interface. Custom Web Applications also transfer the processing necessary for the user interface to the user's computer while keeping the data processing on the Web application server. The user's computer and the Web application server communicate in real time, meaning data can be processed quicker and more seamlessly without the typical stop-and-click setup of most Web applications.

We have created several custom Web Applications for a variety of vertical industries. Custom Web Applications include self-contained components such as real-time stock tickers to complex integrated systems such as online hotel reservation applications. look our product of Hotel Online Reservation System.

One of our most popular Web Applications in the shopping cart module we created for Padillasport.com a large clothing manufactiure in Bali Indonesia. Since most of their shipments are for gift orders, checkout process involved several steps of selecting shipping addresses, gift messages and gift boxes for each order. We streamlined this process by creating a custom shopping cart. Now the checkout process is much quicker and more seamless.

To learn how a custom web Application may help your organization, contact us today.

ASP.NET Applications
Microsoft's .NET Development Platform offers many advantages over traditional Web programming platforms, including increased application speed and response time, improved reusability of programming code and easier integration with other applications.

Custom ASP.NET Application Development
Our .NET Application Development Team specializes in programming custom Web applications in Microsoft's .NET Development Platform. We can put our expertise to work for you by developing a custom .NET application to meet your objectives.

.NET E-commerce Programming
We develop all of our extensive E-commerce Web sites in ASP.NET. These Web sites typically feature several advanced applications, including real-time order tracking, support for multiple currencies and languages and automatic FedEx shipping label generation.